Civil Services - A Dream Career

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The civil services preliminary examination to select IAS and IPS officers among others has been scheduled to be held on 3 June, 2018, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has said.

A career in civil services uplifts you to a position of power where you can make policy decisions for the entire nation. It is no secret that our country is actually being run by civil servants as the IAS Officers are the real brains behind all the schemes announced by our politicians, for common man. For instance as an IPS Officer, you are directly in charge of the law and order situation in your constituency while as an IRS Officer, you would be responsible for ensuring that the government exchequer is hale and hearty. In short, be it government policies, law and order or the government exchequer, it would have your imprint all over it.

Besides all the perks that accompany this job, like a government accommodation and a government vehicle with a red beacon on top, the prestige that one gains after entering the services is unparalleled. All people around you hold you in high regard as people look up to you for achieving this feat. Your knowledge base inspires awe in people and owing to the wide exposure you gain during your career in civil services they value your advice. During your career in civil services, you get a chance to represent your country at international forums such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization etc, which only a handful of people are fortunate enough to experience in their lives.

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